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What is Probate?

Probate is the process of presenting a person`s will to the Court. In fact it is not always required and many wills do not need to go to probate. Bank and Building Societies will often release funds if the assets are not too substantial. When the estate does require a grant of probate, it confirms to the asset holders, or anyone buying a property for example, the authority of the person, the executor, dealing with those assets. Many people believe to have a solicitor deal with probate is expensive, however a competent professional can be quick and make economic sense.

We gather information and have the date of death values assessed so that we can complete the necessary tax forms and also the oath which the executors have to swear to obtain the probate. Sometimes this area of the law can be a mine field for the inexperienced, we arrange for the payment of any tax and can advise even post death on how to avoid tax and how to maximise available allowances and exemptions. Individuals are generally relieved, once the worry of the process has been removed from them and they have left the matter in the hands of professionals used to dealing efficiently with the administration of estates.

Costs for Probate Matters

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