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Most people fail to write a Will. The consequence of this varies depending upon your family circumstances and the value of your assets. In some cases all the assets will pass to the surviving spouse, often however this does not happen and in some cases children can become immediately entitled to a proportion of the assets. Sometimes unknown relatives will inherit.

The uncertainty can be avoided however, if a will properly records what a person wants to happen with their assets. The Will passes all your assets to the next generation, and relative to the value of those assets is an inexpensive document to have professionally prepared.

Normally the writing of wills requires a face to face interview when we can discuss with you who will be the executors and who will benefit from your assets we also discuss the breakdown of your assets and their approximate values so that we can alert you to potential tax issues. We then draft wills for your consideration and then once any queries have been resolved have you back in to have the will properly signed and witnessed.

Wills leave all your assets to the people you consider are most deserving of them and this is best achieved through a solicitor fully engaged in producing a professional will, guaranteeing your beneficiaries will benefit.

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